1 to 25 March 2018

IRENE WEINGARTNER – mouvement fait l’œuvre

In this exhibition, painting and drawing meet. Both positions appear as weightless and are characterized by great lightness. In addition to its fragility, the medium of paper is a connecting element in the work of the two artists. While Reifenberger uses the paper as sculpturally malleable material for her painting process, in which paper and color come together in a continuous process of change, Weingartner explores the possibilities of paper as a carrier of three-dimensional spatial drawings. Along fine, permanently superimposed lines emerge networks that can grow into architectural structures.

In the exhibition, the lines, colors and shapes of the different works meet to create an exciting space continuum that can only be experienced on-site and individually for everyone as a visual-spatial experience. Here, the movement plays a central role: It owes not only the energy of the works, which unfold from the movement in a process of creative development. Hence their complexity, which also challenges the observer to frequent changes of location and a view from different perspectives. The movement of the viewer in the room shows that the perception of the works is constantly changing. There is not one but countless views.


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Christine Reifenberger
Irene Weingartner

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© Esther Verhaeghe 2024