Christine Reifenberger

Born in 1964 in Waldsassen, she lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Christine Reifenberger’s painting causes forms, contours and figurative lines to evolve. In her work, real phenomena metamorphose into poetic organisms. Her subjects become flows of consciousness that border on the supernatural and come close to the grotesque. In addition to her two-dimensional work on canvas and paper, the artist also uses this latter support to contort colour surfaces in space, transforming their state and that of their medium. Christine Reifenberger folds, twists and arches the paper; she fuses it with phosphorus, neon, metal and coloured pigments in different consistencies and combinations. The true subject of her work thus becomes gesture, light, space and matter. An oeuvre that addresses the themes of transformation from one state to another, correspondences and loss of control while exploring the continuity, links, alterations and interactions between colour, material and shape.

Selected Artworks


mouvement fait l’oeuvre
resilience (2017)
Christine Reifenberger – Arabesque (2015)
Christine Reifenberger – Solo Exhibition (2013)


© Esther Verhaeghe 2023
© Esther Verhaeghe 2023