30 November 2023 – 12 January 2024
Extension until 26 January!




For the first time, Esther Verhaeghe, in collaboration with Sophie Gohr, is showing the work of the young artist YUNA DENIS, who has just graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.


(Côté Étangs)
1050 Brussels


30 November 15 – 21 h


Fri and Sat 14:30 – 18 h

and by appointment




After a Master’s degree in Textiles in Nantes, Yuna has just completed her second Master’s degree in
Painting at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, where she has chosen to work in a variety of media, including sculpture. It’s a practice without frontiers at the crossroads of painting and sculpture. With this exhibition, Esther Verhaeghe is reiterating her desire to focus on the presentation and representation of the work of women artists and the young Belgian art scene. The upcoming exhibition is part of a temporary collaboration with Sophie Gohr, artist, curator and “talent scout”.



Yuna Denis, born in Douarnenez (FR) in 1993, explores painting through its haptic and emotional qualities. This quest for the sensitive takes shape through experimentation with “doing” and “time”. The artist meditates on what contemplation is and plays with the emergence of forms and strata with multiple narratives. The term “strata” echoes the Earth’s mineral composition, as well as the many episodes that have fuelled history. Yuna Denis applies layers of paint in the form of a palimpsest, seeking to reveal
the metamorphoses that make up her work.

© Esther Verhaeghe 2024
© Esther Verhaeghe 2024