29 APR – 14 MAY 2022

Sébastien Pauwels


(à 2 pas de la place du Châtelain)
1050 Brussels


29 APR
15 – 20 h


Thu to Sat 15 – 18 h

and by appointment


Entitled IDOMES, the exhibition reveals a brand new series of sculptures by the artist. This collaboration between the artist and the gallery was born out of an encounter between the work of Sébastien Pauwels and Esther Verhaeghe in 2021. The gallery owner saw this invitation as an obvious choice.

IDOMES (Ghosts >< Idols) 
Something of the shadow theatre or ethnographic museum scene seems to be at work in these anthropomorphic-looking figures. Composed of cardboard scraps quickly assembled and then consolidated by the accumulation of layers of fibreglass and fortifying plaster, the sculptures preserve and make visible their traces of assembly. The processes are displayed in succession, as if to mark the temporality of research, thought and fabrication.

The sculptor, who sometimes seems to move forward in the manner of a painter, also offers a place of choice to colour. As a relay for the material and the form, it regularly hugs the surfaces. The sculptures operate like silhouettes. They are intended to be perceived on two planes that cut into the space in a permanent back and forth between the second and third dimensions. From line to volume and vice versa; from the sculpture to its image.


© Esther Verhaeghe 2024
© Esther Verhaeghe 2024