“The world of Martin Streit’s paintings is thus in permanent flux. In the dissolving and melding of forms, in the becoming and the disappearing of their outward manifestations, a metamorphosis of all visual phenomena materializes. The picture seems to hold fast to only one of the many possible aggregate conditions of a Thing. And then this world also transforms itself, opening another face in the next moment. The painting’s presence grows to temporary completion through viewing that is motivated by color and that never comes to a true end. Streit’s artwork poses fundamental questions about the possibility of experiencing the world through sense perception. It presses for a constant exchange between sense perception and the conscious processing of information and through this for a fluid idea of reality that must be ever-newly conceived. Streit’s recent work in photography explores the same territory of blurred certainty surrounding the concrete and objective. Like Streit’s painting, his photographs never allow for conclusive viewing. They prompt a kind of creative seeing that leads always to new perceptions about the condition and the nature of the material world.”

Selected Artworks


Martin Streit – Poesy of light (2017)
resilience (2017)


© Esther Verhaeghe 2024
© Esther Verhaeghe 2024