Jacqueline Dehond and Koenraad Uyttendaele together comprise the duo of artists Jacqy duVal. They both studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and went on to have careers as a designer and an art restorer, respectively. Inspired by their understanding of and passion for art history, they have been working together on a body of abstract paintings since 2009.

In Jacqy duVal’s artistic practice, the emphasis is on technique and color. Their approach is indebted to both Western and Eastern abstraction, but resolutely contemporary in both method and conception. They often work in series of interconnected, yet completely autonomous works, in which a vigorous dialogue is set between repetition and variations in colors and form. The use of “glue size”, a painting technique in which pigment is bound to cloth with hide glue, already used by Breughel and Dürer results in vibrant and profound colors. Through a pictural vocabulary of repetitive patterns, geometric forms, and interactive colour sections, an energy field, a kind of invisible vibration, a silent music to whom the spectator can connect and relate conscious and unconsciously, emanates. These abstract images of color and form aim to inspire our imagination, to make us travel into other dimensions of the mind.Their work wants to allow us to reconnect with what we feel essential, first, in ourselves and in our relationship to the world around us.


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© Esther Verhaeghe 2024