5 March to 5 April 2020


Dreaming of water and earth

Saskia Weyts (Bruges, 1964) and Réjean Dorval (Quebec, 1966)
This duo is the fruit of a meeting brought about by the art projects which, while they are always specific to each of the artists, are united by a shared sense of the importance opening of the body to the natural elements which surround us.

Born in Bruges into a family of artists, writers and musicians, Saskia Weyts seeks an osmosis with nature, a union between the process of creation at work in nature and the act of painting.

Originally from Quebec (Canada), trained in the practice of drawing and performance, Réjean Dorval deploys an artistic work that questions our connection with the elements of nature and with the principle of transformation which animates all living things.

Saskia’s drawings represent a concentration of energy, of gestures and of what makes these happen: breath. They explore the creative potential of the gesture through what they convey of sensations and affects. Saskia is particularly interested in the possible accordances between colours and her own feelings in all that is touched by our vital force. Colour radiates a form of purity and freshness capable of breathing new life into how we see. Ultimately, these colour chords open onto the infinity of time.

Réjean, for his part, presents a series of large-format charcoal drawings, which summon up nature in our intimate connection with the element Earth but also, in terms of its very immensity, as something that all at once envelops and transcends us. His evocations of nature, embodied in the figures of forest, tree, rock and animal, open onto the imaginary, onto a space of tranquil reverie, as a possible return to the wellsprings of what has always dwelt within us.


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© Esther Verhaeghe 2024