Daniel Enkaoua

Born in Meaux in 1962, he lives and works in Barcelona.

‘Daniel Enkaoua paints the vibratory energy field that emanates from the person and surrounds him or her. And how this particular halo, this radiation encounters physical space, melts in it in an interplay of reciprocal pressure. Space, the painter says, is never empty.’
Danièle Gillemon, October 2015

‘Is this a child who’s dreaming? Or the painter’s son? This intimacy between the artist and his model forces us to see in this painting not a portrait that would define the character, or even the deep psychology of the subject, but rather an embodiment of the relation established between the artist and someone he holds dearest.’
Guy Gilsoul, November 2015


Selected Artworks


resilience (2017)
Daniel Enkaoua – Solo Exhibition 2015
Daniel Enkaoua – Solo Exhibition 2013


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© Esther Verhaeghe 2024