19 APRIL – 24 MAY 2023

Danse de travers I Anniversary exhibition


This coming May 11, the gallery Esther Verhaeghe – art concepts celebrates its 10th anniversary and its 10-year collaboration with German artist Christine Reifenberger, with Reifenberger’s solo exhibition entitled “Danse de Travers”. The exhibition will run from 19 April to 24 May at the gallery’s new permanent space at 3 Avenue Guillaume Macau (Etangs d’Ixelles) in 1050 Brussels.

YouTube Link: Vocal and Dance Performance (3,5 min)
@ Finissage of the Solo Show Christine Reifenberger UPDATE COLOGNE #5, February 2022


(Côté Étangs)
1050 Brussels


19 April 17 – 21 h


11 May 18 h


Thu to Sat 14:30 – 18 h

and by appointment




Christine Reifenberger, based in Cologne, creates objects that, even if they are sometimes “paintings”, intervene in the space with colours and shapes. They appear fragile and raw at the same time, ephemeral and extremely present, asserting their form and colour as events, sometimes slightly graceful, sometimes powerful. They are never “flat”, but the transition seems fluid as Reifenberger extends painting from the surface to three-dimensional sculpture in space. Her pictorial language is characterised by the observation of natural phenomena – terms such as growth, dissolution, transformation, vegetation, clouds and glaciers come to mind. We encounter these objects as strange artefacts that bear witness to life processes as well as to the artist’s working method, in which movement plays a central role (Melanie Weidemüller).

Esther Verhaeghe – art concepts was founded in 2013 in Brussels. The gallery is dedicated to contemporary art with a special focus on the German creative scene as well as women artists. The artists, works and exhibitions question themes such as fragility and vulnerability, presence and absence, and how to make the invisible tangible. Impermanence, movement and transformation are the common thread running through the works and artists exhibited and promoted by the gallery.

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© Esther Verhaeghe 2024