8 February – 28 March 2024

A Tapestry of Shared Journeys



The exhibition “A Tapestry of Shared Journeys” presents 12 photographs by Jessica Hilltout, intimate words from Virginie Samyn, and Jessica’s logbook, a visual map of this journey.


When I learned that I had breast cancer, Jessica suggested keeping a record of my life throughout my treatment. It lasted a year.

This exhibition reveals the intimate journey of the artist Jessica Hilltout, and me, Virginie Samyn, intertwining our paths to form a complex tapestry of shared experiences. These delicate moments are captured with finesse in the presented works, where each glimpse seems to weave subtle threads of a story that is both unique and universal.

Jessica Hilltout is a Belgian-English artist based in Brussels. Her childhood unfolded outside of Europe until the age of 18. As a young woman, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography in England. She has always been moved by the life force that manifests even in the most difficult situations. Her approach involves nurturing connection, experiencing these moments and capturing images, thus providing an intimate perspective on resilience in the face of adversity.

Thanks to Jessica for this immersive experience that sculpted a distinctive dynamic, prompting a reinvention of our relationship with ourselves and others, through the eyes of the other and one’s own gaze.

Thanks to Esther our host, who, by opening her space to us, gives us a true stage to extend our journey to you.

Virginie Samyn
In sharing, I reveal myself.


Virginie lives with her companion Jean-Louis.
They have three children, including Eloise, who passes away at birth.
The year following the tragic loss of their daughter, Virginie is diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I share my wish to photograph her on her path to recovery. She agrees. The silence of the forest, the sound of footsteps, profound discussions, heavy breath. My camera and voice recorder become the discreet witnesses of her struggle, her strength. I probe Virginie’s soul through photography. Illuminate the unseen. Honor the suffering and sovereignty of her experience.”

Jessica Hilltout
Nurturing connection. Feeling. Photographing.


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© Esther Verhaeghe 2024