autumn 2020

Martin Streit – blurred life

Up close, it’s the inability of the eye to focus that strikes. A blur that the human brain cannot contain … Martin Streit’s works have a strange effect: impermanence of life, inaccessibility of things, lack of control and disintegration of structures in favor of an unconscious that we often tend to forget.

It is all that which shows us a mysticism of the appearance of objects and beings which carries with it something of the unfathomable mystery of life itself. Streit likes and voluntarily maintains the blurring, scrambling, effect of the process. “I like that it is not too concrete, not too descriptive. We must not show too much the reality. It’s like a sweet dream.“ This blur makes his images fragile, elusive and poetic.
Everything is drowned in a mist that is both disturbing and dreamlike. “It’s nothing,” concludes the artist. „What matters to me is to create a poetry, an emotion by light, the vibration of color and shape. There is neither concept nor narration. It’s the vibration of the image alone.”

Extract of the article: ” blurred apparitions by Martin Streit” by Aliénor Debrocq in MAD (Soir) p.45 of 13/09/2017 . Translation E.V.

© Esther Verhaeghe 2020
© Esther Verhaeghe 2020