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Hangar, art center and gallery, presents a curated selection of renowned international artists and promising young talents, contributing to the development of the appreciation of contemporary art and photography in Brussels. Each year Hangar houses 3 to 4 major exhibitions, one of which is dedicated to contemporary photography, PhotoBrussels Festival. These exhibitions also serve as a theatre for conferences, performances and meetings.
Created by a passionate belgian art collector, Hangar is located in the heart of the Châtelain neighbourhood in Brussels and spread on more than 1000m².

The non-profit Créahm-Bruxelles ASBL (creativity and mental handicap) is ‘a space of creation where the body is at work’,

Créahm-Bruxelles runs workshops in various disciplines, both in the visual arts and in the performing arts. The workshop is a laboratory, a place of research and experimentation and a support to the affirmation of an ‘I’, a person beyond his or her intellectual disability.

© Esther Verhaeghe 2019
© Esther Verhaeghe 2019